3 Ways to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10
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3 Ways to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

Microsoft does not offer any options to Disable Windows Update using Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10. But we can easily Disable Automatic Windows Updates with Previous versions of Windows OS. Automatic Windows Update has Always Turn on by Default in Windows 10. However, We are not recommending to Disable Windows Automatic Update in Windows 10. Because our PC always has best and latest features. And also, you don’t need or waste your time Searching for critical problems and fixes on the Internet or Find missing Drivers for your device. Because windows updates automatically find your Problems or Missing Drivers and Install when that’s available in Windows Update. But most of the users don’t want Automatic windows update. Because Automatic windows update slowdown the system and Network when they doing important works.

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Disable Windows Update in 3 Ways

To Disable Automatic Windows Updates in Windows 10, You need to follow the ways Below,

1) Disable WU with Windows Service Manager.
2) Change WU Settings with Group Policy Editor.
3) Set your Network Connection to Metered Connection.

1) Disable Windows Update with Windows Service Manager

Windows Service Manager will you when you want to Disable, Enable, Stop, Resume or Pause and Start Windows Services. And also, it is a built-in application in Windows 10. To Disable Windows update Service with Windows Service Manager,

1. Firstly, you need to open a “Run” app. To open the “Run” app, Press Windows + R. And It will Open the “Run” app. And also, you have to type services.msc to open the Windows Service Manager or you can Open Windows Service Manager with Search box/Cortona.


2.  After open Windows Service Manager, Scroll Down until you see Windows Update in the Right-side Service Window. To open Windows Update Service Settings, Double-Click on it.


3. As you can see the Drop-down menu in the “Startup type:” Section in the Windows Update Properties window. Select “Disabled” from that Drop-down menu.


4. Finally, click “Apply” and “OK”.


However, But now you can’t get any updates from Microsoft in Windows 10. This way is useful When you want to Disable Automatic Windows Updates. If you need to Turn on Windows Automatic Update Again, Follow the same steps we discussed above. Change “Disabled” to “Automatic” in that Drop-down menu from Windows Update Properties window. And go to Start  > Settings   > Update & Security > Windows Update and click on “Check for updates” Botton on the left side panel, until it shows “You’re up to date”.


2) Change Windows Update Settings with Group Policy Editor

If your windows 10 version supports “Group Policy” or you are the Administrator of your PC, you can Change Windows update Settings with Group Policy Editor. However, Follow the steps below to Change Windows Update Settings in Group Policy Editor,

1. You can open Group Policy Editor via the “Run” app or Search box/Cortona. However, type gpedit.msc on the “Run” app.


And also, You can open it with the Search box/Cortona by type Edit group policy in Search box/Cortona and it will show Group Policy Editor as 1st Result.


2. And navigate, Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update settings.


And also, you will see the “Configure Automatic Updates” setting on the right Panel. Double-click on it.


3. After opening the “Configure Automatic Updates” window, Tick on the “Enabled” option. And change the suitable option for you in the Drop-down menu. If you don’t want an Automatic Windows update, Select “Notify for download and auto install” and click “Apply” and “OK”.


That’s all. It will notify you when new Updates Available. And also, if you need to change the Default option, Follow the same steps as we Discussed above, Tick on “Not configured” in the “Configure Automatic Updates” window and click “Apply” and “OK”.


3) Set your Network Connection to Metered Connection

If your network has limited data, you can set your connection as “Metered”. It will Limit your Data usage. And also, It will stop Automatic windows Updates and Automatic Microsoft store apps Updates. To set as Metered Connection Click the following link,

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