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Metered Connection: How to set Metered Connection in Windows 10

Set Metered Connection is an option to limit your data usage. Some Data connection set as Metered by Default Like Cellular. However, the Ethernet network and Wi-Fi connection aren’t set as metered by default. you can easily limit your data usage with Metered connection. Metered Connection is not allowing to Automatically update windows and some apps from Microsoft Store.

Set Metered Connection

And also, Internet operators using Metered Connections for limiting your Data Usage. What they do with Metered Connection? They give you a Fixed-rate and if you got limited data usage, they reduce your Connection speed or get an Extra charge with you.

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Set Metered Connection in Windows 10

Method 1: Using Settings App

Follow the steps below to Set Metered Connection:

1. Select Start  > Settings   > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi  > Select your Connected Wi-Fi network. I connect with TP-LINK_B4D546 Wi-Fi Network.

Set Metered Connection

2. After Selected your Connected Wi-Fi Network, It will open the Following Window. Scroll Down Until You see the Metered Connection Section.

Set Metered Connection

3. However, you will see the Set as Metered Connection. Click on that Slider to Turn On Metered Connection. If you have limited data and you want to control your Data usage, This is the best option for you.

Change Any other Wi-Fi Network to Metered Connection

1. Select Start  > Settings   > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi  > Manage known networks.

Set Metered Connection

2. Select any other Wi-Fi network. I selected HUAWEI Y5 Lite Wi-Fi Network. And Click on Properties. However, turn on Set as metered connection to Set that to Metered Connection.

Set Metered Connection

Method 2: Using CMD

1. Firstly, you need to open a command prompt. To open that Press Windows + R. And It will Open Run. And also, type CMD to open the command prompt.

Set Metered Connection

2. Next, you need to get your Desired Wi-Fi Profiles Lists. To do that Copy-Paste the following Command to Command prompt and press Enter:

netsh wlan show profiles

Set Metered Connection

3. Select your Desired Wi-Fi Network that you want to Change Metered Connection. For Example, I am using the “TP-LINK_B4D546″ Wi-Fi Network. Now you need to type the following Commands and Replace thisTP-LINK_B4D546 with your Network Connection name. This will show you all details about your Wi-Fi Network. And Also, It will show your Wi-Fi Password:

netsh wlan show profile name="TP-LINK_B4D546"

Set Metered Connection

4. Scroll down Until you see the “Cost Settings” Section. And you can see “Cost: Unrestricted“.However, “Unrestricted” means, that the Network connection is Unlimited or Un-Metered.

Set Metered Connection

5. You need to change “Unrestricted” to “Fixed” for Change your Connection to Metered or Limited. To do that Type the Following Command and Press Enter:

netsh wlan set profileparameter name="TP-LINK_B4D546" cost=Fixed

Set Metered Connection

6. After entering the command, you can see the command successfully executed message and your connection will Change to Metered Connection.

Set Metered Connection

Change Mobile Data Connection to Metered in Windows 10

However, you can easily Change your Mobile data broadband plans Connection to Metered. To do that, Just you need to replace wlan it with wbn in the Above Mentioned CMD Commands. For example, netsh wlan show profiles to netsh wbn show profiles. And also, this method will work, if your mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot tethered to your Computer. That’s all.

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