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What’s new in Sketchup 2019?

SketchUp 2019 Free Download Latest Version with Full Tutorial. And also, Sketchup 2019 has Lots of improvements and new features.

However, Google Sketchup 2019 focuses on Improvement to usability, image exports, and LayOut with New Features. And also, you can Download Sketchup 2019 Here.

New Updates in Sketchup

>Line Scale Multiplier

  • If you need to adjust the Line thicknesses of your exported images, Don’t worry, You can Easily Adjust by using the New Line scale multiplier Feature. Meanwhile, You can find this Option in,
    1. Go to File on the top menu
    2. Go to Export
    3. And, Select 2D Graphic
    4. Click on the Options Button
    5. And you can Find a Line scale multiplier Feature.


>Customizable unit settings

  • Similarly, you can now Easily Customize your model area and volume measurements with Different Units. However, you can use inches, millimeters, feet, centimeters, and meters. You can find this Option in,
    1. Go to Window on the top menu
    2. And, select Model Info
    3. Select Units On the left side
    4. Under the “Format“, Select Decimal
    5. You can Select any Units below the Options(Length, Area, Volume)


>Invert Selection

  • Sketchup 2019 Introducing New Invert Selection Feature. However, If you select anything, Then You can easily invert the Selection of your objects with this new Feature. Meanwhile, You can use this new feature with this Keyboard Shortcuts,
    • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + I
    • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + I


>Importing Files

  • Now you don’t need to import files from the Importing menu. In Addition, You can Easily Drag and Drop all supported files to your Modeling window.

>Eraser Tool

  • Sketchup 2019 Introducing new Eraser tool Modifier Feature. For Example, If you accidentally erased some Important Entities with the Eraser tool, Don’t worry. And also, It will allow you to Modify your Entity like Multiple Selectives, Deselect, Hide Selected Entities, Soften, and Smooth Entities. To use this method you need to Hold your Mouse Button and Keyboard Key, Select Any Entity you want.
    • Modifier keys for Windows:
      1. Shift = Hide entities
      2. Ctrl = Soften and smooth entities
      3. Shift+Ctrl = Unsoften and unsmooth entities
      4. Alt = Deselect entities selected by the Eraser tool

>Large Area Imports (Add Location)

  • Now you can easily Import Large areas With Full resolution for Add Location. But, This New feature Only Available for Sketchup Pro and Studio. Meanwhile, Follow the Steps to Add Location,
    1. Go to File on Top Menu
    2. Click on Geo-Location
    3. Click on Add Location
    4. And, click on Select Region on the Left Side
    5. Finally, After selected your Location Click on Import on the left side

New Updates in LayOut

>Isometric dimensioning

  • Now you can make linear dimensions align with the Isometric dimensions feature. And also, It is now Possible to Control gap distance, align dimensions, and extension lines with isometric angles. Similarly, you can make your drawing, more smoother and straightforward, Even you are using isometric drawing in primary type in LayOut.


  • However, you can Now Easily add text to dimensions without Losing any automatic measurement. For Example, If you are creating a Floor Dimension, add the word “width”, and the dimension measurement will still update, Even if the measurement changes.


However, you can read about more new Updates in Sketchup 2019 Here.

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