New features in Sketchup 2020
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What’s new in Sketchup 2020?

Sketchup 2020 new features

SketchUp 2020 Free Download Latest Version with Full Tutorial. And also, Sketchup 2020 has Lots of improvements and new features. you can Download Sketchup 2020 Here.

However, Sketchup 2020 has focused on modeling behaviors and data structures for more intuitive and easier works.

SketchUp Pro 2020

The Trimple Team Spent Lot of time Learning more about, what users need. Users Helped to Trimple team for Discover What you want to Improve and new Features in Sketchup 2020.

>New Outliner

Outliner new updates lead to change model organization. In Addition, you can Easily increase your modeling performance. You can rename your Objects (Group or Component) by 2 Single Click on your Objects. And also, You can Easily Hide or Unhide Objects with the new Toggle Eye Button. You can make your works Smooth and Easy with the new Outliner Update.

>Grips on bounding boxes and Auto Transparency

This feature is Huge. Because you don’t need to waste your time with Positioning your objects(Group or Component) to Corner. If you place the cursor on the group or component, you can see each corner has a blue bounding box. However, You can Easily move your objects(Group or Component) to Corner by Grab the Points. When you start moving your objects(Group or Component), That Object will automatically go transparent. And also, this method works with both Move and Rotate.

Sketchup 2020 new features

>Controlling Hidden objects

This new Feature will give Better Experience. Now, As you can see “Hidden Geometry” and “Hidden Objects” in the Top View” Drop-Down Menu. This feature will give Big Changes to your Workflow. And also, This new feature will give you to Better Modelling Experience with Managing Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects. For instance, If you want to Edit Hidden Edges in a Smoothed Surface or landscape, And If that inside an Object. However, You can Simply hide that object and Edit that Hidden Edges with this new Feature.

Sketchup 2020 new features

>Some naming conventions Updates in Sketchup

Sketchup Decided to Update some naming conventions, After many conventions. These naming conventions Changes using only, when talking about Sketchup. However, These Updates won’t Change anything on your Workflow. Make sure you know Sketchup is Now saying few things Differently.

Now Objects are a collective term for groups, components, and dynamic components. This means Now we don’t have to say anymore “groups (slash) components”. Now you can save those words like “stupendous” and “dapper”. And Also, Layers are now referred to as Tags. Don’t worry About this Update. These two terms are Only for document naming conventions and won’t Change your workflow anymore.

LayOut 2020: document control

Layout 2020 more focused on improving the interaction between SketchUp & LayOut to save your time.

LayOut 2020 new features

>Improvement in Model Views

Now you can change your Camera angle or Style Directly in LayOut Safely. You can know the Different in your Layout viewport With, the menu bar will change the color to dark grey. However, this feature alerts you to you have made overrides. Don’t worry about that you can easily resync your LayOut viewports back to your SketchUp model if you needed.


If you have a Sketchup model and that has several Viewports, Now you can easily relink Those Viewports to any other Sketchup Model. In Addition, You need to delete that Viewport and Insert the new Sketchup Model and also, Viewport Sizing and reset your all scale settings In Previous Versions. This is Huge! this will simply save your time.

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